Sebastien Toutant


November 9, 1992

L'Assomption, Quebec


local resort

Val St-Come




Nitro Snowboards


Red Bull






     Since blasting onto the scene at the 2006 Empire Shakedown at St. Saveur one hour away from his native Montreal, “Toots” has had the eyes of the global industry on him. But he’s never made a claim or said a word of his big plans publicly, instead, electing to train hard and prepare for the major challenges on the path to his goal. Following a 2010-2011 remarkable season that included several five and six star TTR contest wins, plus gold and silver medal performances in Slopestyle and Big Air as a rookie at Winter X Games (en route to being crowned the Jeep Overall Male Performer of the Year), it appears that he’s on the right track.

     While many are surprised, there are some who are not. After all, how many 14 year-olds were doing Cab 10s / 16 year-olds doing double corks / 18 year-olds doing triple corks...? And of those, how many spent 120 days/year in the park, 50 riding world-class urban features, and another 50 in the summer on a trampoline?

     Perhaps more than anything, Seb has long represented the coming of a new era — a time where the twenty-something year old veterans of contest snowboarding will bow out to the kids. As much as any of today’s current teen shred standouts, Seb could be the single most poignant sign that the youth is effectively taking over. This phenomenon has been noted far and wide, all the way to the not-so-old-himself Shaun White, who elected to make a post to his Facebook and Twitter page following an X Games Slopestyle dominated by three teens (Toots, McMorris, Flanagan) “Slopestyle today at X Games was insane, level of riding was all time. Congrats Seb Toots.” It seems that the revolution was even televised.

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Career Highlights

annual awards

Canadian Olympic Team - 2014


Because of Snowboarding - 2013

Seb Toots Documentary - 2012



2017 - X Games Oslo, Slopestyle, 3rd

2017 - Air + Style LA, 2nd

2017 - Quebec Jamboree, Slopestyle, 1st

2016 - X Games Aspen, Slopestyle, 2nd

2016 - X Games Aspen, Big Air, 4th

2016 - Dew Tour Breckenridge, Slopestyle, 3rd

2016 - Air + Style Beijing, 2nd

2016 - World Snowboard Tour China, Big Air, 3rd

2016 - Burton US Open, 3rd

2016 - Air + Style Innsbruck, 1st

2015 - US Grand Prix, Slopestyle, 3rd

2014 - Ride Shakedown, Best Trick

2014 - Ride Shakedown, 1st

2014 - Dew Tour, Slopestyle, 2nd

2014 - AST Mile High, Slopestyle, 1st

2013 - X Games Tignes, Slopestyle, 1st

2013 - Air + Style Innsbruck, 2nd

2012 - TTR Overall Champion, 1st

2012 - Ride Shakedown, 1st

2012 - Dew Tour, Slopestyle, 1st

2012 - Vermont Burton Open, Slopestyle, 1st

2012 - X Games Aspen, Slopestyle, 4th

2012 - X Games Aspen, Big Air, 3rd

2011 - Ride Shakedown, 1st

2011 - X Games Aspen, Slopestyle, 1st

2011 - X Games Aspen, Big Air, 2nd

2010 - Air + Style Beijing, 1st

2009 - Ride Shakedown, 1st

2006 - Ride Shakedown, 1st

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Seb Toots Montreal Snowboarding Run 2

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