Pat Moore


November 15, 1986

Holderness, New Hampshire


local resort

Waterville Valley Resort






Vans Snowboarding


Bent Metal Binding Works

Crab Grab



     Pat Moore is a New Hampshire born, backwoodsman with “live free or die” embedded in his core. Growing up on the icy slopes of the Appalachian Mountains, Pat developed his riding into the all terrain snowboarder he has become today. For most of his professional career, Pat called industry heavy weight, Forum Snowboards, home. He held stand out parts in several films produced by the brand, and from those parts Pat received 5 Snowboarder Magazine Top Ten Rider of the Year awards. 


     In January of 2013, Volcom was very proud to announce Pat as the newest member of Volcom Snow’s line up, standing along side life long Volcom Family members Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, and Mark Landvik. In his first year as a member of the team, Pat spent his winter filming for Volcom Stones 2013 video project “IP3”. With contest results like 2012 X Games Real Snow Bronze Medalist and countless video parts impacting the course of snowboarding, Pat has proven his seat among Snowboarding’s most elite. He has accomplished all this by the strength of his work ethic and a humble demeanor.

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Career Highlights

annual awards

Snowboarder Mag #1 Webisode of the Year - 2016

Snowboarder Mag #2 Rider of the Year - 2015

Snowboarder Mag Top 10 Rider of the Year - 2014

Snowboarder Mag Top 10 Rider of the Year - 2013

Snowboarder Mag Top 10 Rider of the Year - 2011

Snowboarder Mag #5 Rider of the Year - 2010


1st, X Games Real Snow Backcountry - 2014



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2014 - Volcom: True to This

2014 - Blueprint Webseries

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2011 - Vacation

2010 - F' It

2009 - Forever

2008 - Pony Tale

2008 - Forum or Against 'Em

2008 - Thats It Thats All

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2006 - That

2005 - Video Gangs

2005 - Smell the Glove

2002 - Vivid

Introspect - Pat Moore
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