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     Mark Carter manages to mosey between different worlds as few can. Totally at ease flipping calves, riding horses and getting into the kind of deep shit only true cowboys know, come winter, Carter can flip tricks and trade tram laps at Jackson Hole with the best snowboarders in the business. Some folks around Ten Sleep, Wyoming might accuse Mark of “pissing down both legs” but, hey, he’s real good at both and loves his life.

“My snowboard buddies don’t really understand ranching and my ranch

buddies don’t really get snowboarding,” he says. “Me? I kinda like it that way…”

     On his snowboard, Carter has garnered a reputation for riding man-sized lines with a rowdy-yet-calculated style. From winning a stop at The North Face Masters big mountain series to hitting the podium at the heavy-hitting Natural Selection to appearing in some of the most memorable shred flicks out there, Carter’s put his brand on the sport and culture. Sponsors such as The North Face and Smith Optics send him around the world in search of fresh snow and fresh terrain. From Alaska to the Andes, Carter kills it.

     Off-seasons he’s back on his family’s ranch nestled in the foothills of the Bighorn range, and every day brings something new: From dealing with the mud and the blood to branding 600 head in four hours, ranching is in his veins. A lifetime of gathering up the herd in early blizzards, bottle-feeding orphan calves, or fixing fences to the horizon with big brother R.C, means Mark truly grew up under Wyoming’s wide-open skies.

“Hey, there’s a reason we call it Carter Country…”

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June 28, 1980


Mark Carter Discusses His Blue
Collar Roots & Exploration
Arbor Snowboards: Mark Carter
Full Part 2015

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1st, The North Face Masters - 2010

2nd, Red Bull Natural Selection - 2008

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