John Jackson


October 13, 1983

Crowley Lake, California


local resort

Mammoth Mountain




Red Bull


Under Armour

Von Zipper

Signal Snowboards

Flux Bindings

Airhole Facemasks

Mammoth Mountain



     Born in Crowley Lake, California, in 1983, John Jackson grew up in the shadow of Mammoth Mountain. At first, he took to the slopes on skis, but by 11 he got his first snowboard. “I transitioned my way into snowboarding by annoying my parents until I managed to get them to buy me a board, which was for my sister, Nicole, and I to share,” John recalls. “So we’d trade off, and it just became more and more of an addiction.” (One they shared with their little brother, Eric.)

     John’s film parts are unmistakable. On the world’s biggest, steepest mountains, he seems to casually toss off freestyle moves that others have trouble nailing even in neatly groomed parks. But there’s nothing casual about it. John’s vibe is mellow (see his signature blond dreads and ever-present smile), but his runs are calculated. His collaborations with Brain Farm and Forum Films have brought him the props he deserves.

     When he’s not launching cliffs in the backcountry, John runs his own jewellery business, called Jax Union, which he started in 2010 and which raises money for an orphanage project in Nicaragua. He’s also working on his skydiving certification and plays many musical instruments, including piano, guitar, and mandolin.

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Career Highlights

annual awards

TWS Video-Part of the Year - 2011

TWS Men's Rider of the Year - 2011

TWS Men's Rider of the Year - 2010

Snowboarder Mag's #1 Rider of the Year - 2010

TWS Video-Part of the Year - 2010


2nd, X Games Real Snow Backcountry - 2016

1st, X Games Real Snow Backcountry - 2015



2016 - The Book of John J

2015 - Origins

2014 - Air Time

2013 - Naturally

2012 - 13

2012 - Red Bull Supernatural

2012 - Brothers on the Run

2011 - The Art of Flight

2010 - F' It (Video-Part of the Year)

2010 - En Route Nomads

2009 - Forever (Video-Part of the Year)

2009 - That's It That's All

2008 - Forum or Against 'Em

2007 - Catch the Vapors

2006 - Paradox

2006 - Draw the Line

2002 - Notice to Appear

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