Sign up for our subscription boxes to join our exclusive club, feel like a sponsored pro, and keep the blood
pumping every month of the year!
1 Month Subscription
$50 / Month
3 Month Subscription
$45 / Month
12 Month Subscription
$40 / Month
1 Month Subscription
$35 / Month
3 Month Subscription
$30 / Month
12 Month Subscription
$25 / Month
Gear Themed Boxes
Apparel Themed Boxes
No Huge Bill
We designed this subscription box with the concept of affordability. We charge you on the 1st of each month instead of a large upfront bill that is often hard to swallow.
Free Shipping
Free shipping anywhere within the United States. No minimum required.
How it Works
Setup & Wait
Once you purchase your subscription, we will send you a small profile to tell us a bit about yourself so we can better customize your box.
Get Stoked!
We ship out boxes the last week of every month. If your name is on our list, get stoked because we have a stuffed box heading your way.
Choose & Purchase
Decide on the right subscription box for you.
Then, head over to our shop and purchase
one of our plans.
Options are Good
We understand everyone has different levels of passion. Which is why we have apparel & gear themed boxes to choose from as well as offer 1, 3, & 12 month subscriptions.
Depending on the subscription level, items inside the box will range from stickers to apparel, gloves, goggles, along with tools, wax, tuning kits,
and literally so much more!
Just know that our boxes will be packed full of goods to keep you Sno Ready.
What is in Our Box?
It is a surprise...Duh!
Seriously though, we partner with numerous small and large brands from around the world which allows us to have a great mix of goods that
you can use on and off your board.

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