Hana Beaman


August 25, 1982

Santa Barbara, CA


local resort

Mt Baker




Ride Snowboards

Vans Snowboarding

Von Zipper







     For the past 15 years Hana has pushed the limits of how women snowboard. She made a name for herself during Snowboarder Magazines Superpark in 2001 which earned her Rookie of the Year from TWSnow. While running around with the Grenade crew in Mammoth she got a taste for filming and in 2003 she was bit by the backcountry bug and bought her first snowmobile.  Over the next few years she developed her backcountry skills while continuing to compete in contests.  She has a relentless passion for snowboarding and is on this year round migration in search of shredding opportunities and good times. Hana has an easy, straight forward approach to life that seems to suck people up into her wake which takes you on the adventure of a lifetime.


     After being successful early in her career with contests she now spends her winters following her passion in the backcountry and her riding has taken on a whole new level. You can find published shots of Hana hitting jumps and road gaps that most of the guys would not imagine hitting. The things you may already know about Hana are her major accomplishments, including three Winter X-Games Silvers, a Bronze in the only X-Games Real Women event, 2x Womens rider of the year, and covers on both Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboarder Magazine, but she also enjoys spending time at home in Bellingham and working on her remodel when she isn’t traveling to visit friends, surf, camp, hike or other spur of the moment adventures. Not one to sit still for long, she is always looking towards the future which lead her to produce her own web series on Snowboardermag.com titled “P.S…" for three seasons along with the women's snowboard film “Intervals” in 2011. Now Hana is bringing that same enthusiasm to Full Moon and looking forward to the exciting times to come this winter! 

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"I grew up in Big Bear Lake, CA after we moved there from Santa Barbara when I was about 2. We moved into the tiny family cabin after what became a permanent ski vacation and I began snowboarding when I was about 6. If I wasn't in school, you could find me at the ski hill, riding, dorking around with friends and giving myself more than enough snow burns. Trial and error, right? Snowboarding had become my life before I even graduated High School, but I gave college a chance up in Tahoe for a year before I got my break at Snowboarder Mag's Superpark at Mammoth that Spring. Since then I have been unbelievably fortunate and been able to travel the world and make unforgettable memories with some amazing people. I couldn't have asked for a better scenario. My Mom and Dad have always been my biggest supporters and they are the ones who got me started snowboarding, I thank them...A LOT!"

Career Highlights


6th, X Games Aspen, Slopestyle - 2011

5th, X Games Aspen, Slopestyle - 2010

​1st, Ride Shakedown - 2009

5th, X Games Aspen, Slopestyle - 2009

2nd, Abominable Snow Jam, Slopestyle - 2007

1st, Abominable Snow Jam, Quarterpipe - 2007

8th, Burton US Open, Slopestyle - 2007

1st, Vans Cup, Slopestyle - 2007

1st, Nippon Open Japan - 2007

2nd, X Games Aspen, Slopestyle - 2007

4th, TTR World Snowboarding Tour - 2006

2nd, X Games Aspen, Slopestyle - 2006

1st, Burton US Open, Slopestyle - 2006

1st, Burton US Open, Quarterpipe - 2006

11th, X Games Aspen, Slopestyle - 2005

7th, Vans Cup, Rail Jam - 2005

9th Vans Cup, Halfpipe - 2005

2nd, Burton US Open, Rail Jam - 2005

3rd, Burton US Open, Slopestyle - 2004

2nd, X Games Aspen, Slopestyle - 2003

1st, Burton US Open, Slopestyle - 2003

​1st, Yahoo Big Air & Style, Slopestyle - 2003

1st, World Snowboarding Champ, Slopestyle - 2003

1st, World Snowboarding Champ, Big Air - 2003


annual awards

2013 - Snowboarder Mag's Women's Rider of the Year

2013 - TWS Women's Video-Part of the Year

2013 - TWS Women's Rider of the Year Nominee

2007 - TWS Women's #1 Exposure-O-Meter

2006 - TWS Women's #1 Exposure-O-Meter

2006 - TWS Women's Rookie of the Year

2006 - Overall Burton US Open Women Champion

2004 - TWS Women's Rider of the Year Nominee

2003 - TWS Women's Rider of the Year Nominee

2002 - TWS Women's Rookie of the Year


2016 - Full Moon

2013 - Because of Snowboarding

2012 - Still Hard

2011 - P.S. Intervals

2011 - P.S. Webisodes

2011 - Winter Wars

2010 - P.S. Webisodes

2010 - The Storming

2009 - Stance

2007 - La La Land

2006 - Ro Sham Bo

2005 - Revenge of the Grenerds

2004 - Smell the Glove

2003 - Night of the Living Shred

2002 - Full Metal Edges

Because of Snowboarding Series
Hana Beaman
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