Craig McMorris


December 14, 1991

Regina, Saskatchewan


local resort

Whistler Blackcomb




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The Source

     To have one world-class snowboarder from the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada is pretty rare, but two? As the elder statesman of the McMorris brothers, Craig McMorris is a veteran of the Canadian snowboard scene after first stepping on a board at the young age of 11.

     Like any true older brother, Craig has been a mentor to his younger sibling over the years, teaching Mark a few tricks along the way. Craig McMorris ‘sends it’ at all times, with a personality as big as the tricks he stomps. Whenever he's around, you know you're in for a good time!

     But beyond the antics, on the hill Craig is all business. As one of Canada’s top competitive slopestyle snowboarders, he quickly earned himself a spot on the Canadian National Snowboard Team in 2012. With Craig continually pushing himself both in the park and backcountry, we’re looking forward to seeing what surprises he has in store for the upcoming season and the hilarity that's sure to follow.

Career Highlights


8th, The Mile High Australia, Slopestyle - 2013

3rd, Showdown over the City, Slopestyle - 2012

​5th, FIS World Cup, Slopestyle - 2012

3rd, Canadian Shield Ski & Snowboard Tour - 2012

3rd, You Look Good Riders Cup, Slopestyle - 2011

annual awards

CSA “Best Direction in a Factual Series” Nominee - 2014

CSA “Best Picture Editing in a Series” Nominee - 2014

CSA “Best Sports Program or Series” Nominee - 2014



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